PEMBINA urge muslim’s youth NGO stand out together, stop COMANGO

I would like to congratulate MuslimUPro delegation to Geneva on Universal Periodic Review, United Nations as it shows our stands on muslim’s right. The previous month’s conference which was held on October had been a historical value where another strategy by the Coalition of Malaysian NGO’s (COMANGO’s) again to embrittle our muslim identity has been defended by MuslimUpro delegation. This delegation has shown courage and justice on preserving a real muslim.

Through a few ideas brought by the “dalang’s” had clearly been seen not to relate with the Allah Almighty’s rule and yet could abolish malay race which is mostly muslim. The law has suited itself in the constitution of Malaysia that Islam is the religion of the federation means that Islamic rule should stand above others.

In one of the requisition legalizing unnatural sex is totally rejected by Islam and it will bring calamity to Malaysia. In other point their demanding religious freedom for syiah heresy for sure it will not be legal as it will bring delirium in Islam. Eliminating the privileges of the Malays is also not concomitant with the constitution.

Others, such as freedom to apostate(murtad), force racial interpretation according to western liberal secular, eliminate the Syariah criminal offenses, according to the translation of ‘god’ to Allah by Catholic Christians in Malaysia, demands that any parent who embraced Islam is not given custody of the children are all opposed by Islam.

I simply don’t understand why they still want to emphasize their rules as if our rules don’t bring enough power to the land and it shows that they have no respect to the constitution. We have no poverty in law if we follow it.

COMANGO should feel fear as it may undermine the sovereignty of Islam yet this is the moment to show our willingness and togetherness in upholding the true muslim. Those muslim who had involved with the COMANGO scheme, you should be responsible for the fate of your religion and I ask to turn back to our belief.


As a representative from PEMBINA I would like to voice out our opinion to enlighten youth around the world that sort of threat towards Islam should be demolished. I urge youth NGO’s especially muslim NGO’s to stand out our voice to object this so called human rights warrior. We stand together to defend what will befall us and united we stand divided we fall.

Islam is not just a religious belief but it is a way of life. Again we deny all the demanding ideas by COMANGO which is against our righteous belief. We should put our goal to be a muslim entirely not a partially muslim.

“So do not weaken and do not grieve, and you will be superior if you are true believers” Imran:139

Strengthen our will, purge our ideas and do not let those kuffar make fool of our our religion.

Amar Amjad bin Abdul Wahid,

Aktivis PEMBINA Universiti Tenaga Nasional.

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