Anger Management

Written by:

Norhidayah Binti Ismail,
Persatuan Belia Islam Nasional (PEMBINA)
Cawangan Melaka.


Definition of Anger

Internal uneasiness which result in losing control of rationale.

Symptoms of Anger

1. Feeling uncomfortable on the chest.

2. Heart beats faster and faster.

3. The rate of blood flow increase until feel hot, might as well, sweating.

4. Feeling like throwing things to others.

5. Tendency to speak loudly, or shout.

6. Everything seems to be ugly.

P/S : Patient may suffer from other symptoms as well. Please consult the nearest doctor* to be diagnosed thoroughly.

Prescription for Anger

1. Forgiveness

2. Wudhu’

3. Seek protection from Allah from shaiton the rejected one.

4. Du’a/ supplication

5. Not hurting back for being hurt

Note: Repeat medication prescribed if symptoms re-occur

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*Doktor yang berdekatan boleh ditemui pada lokasi lebih dekat daripada urat leher anda.

Return back to Allah, as He provides solutions to all disease!

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